Pelosi says she does not have any plans to step away from Congress

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, stated on Sunday that she will not make a decision regarding a leadership bid until all of the midterm election results have been tallied.

Pelosi says she does not have any plans to step away from Congress © getty image

The San Francisco Democrat told ABC’s this week in an interview, “I’m not making any statements until this race is over, and we have a little more time to go.”

Pelosi clarified that she “had no plans to step away from Congress” in an interview with journalist George Stephanopoulos.

She praised both campaign volunteers and Democratic candidates who “leapfrogged over all the projections” for their unexpectedly strong showing across the nation.

Pelosi said she believes President Biden should run again: “Whatever the outcome, we’re on the way to moving our country to a better place than with being dragged down by the other side.”

She added it was up to Republicans to decide whether or not former President Donald Trump will announce his run for president soon. To put it another way, she continued,

“I think it’s bad news for the country because this is a person who has undermined the integrity of our elections, has not honoured his oath of office, and who has encouraged people strange kind of people to run for office who do not share the values of our democracy.”

After being attacked in their San Francisco home, Pelosi claimed that her husband has been making progress. Paul Pelosi was discharged from the hospital six days after his assault and will need time to heal.

On October 28, a burglar entered the couple’s Pacific Heights home and hit Paul Pelosi with a hammer. David DePape, the suspect, is accused of multiple offences, including attempted murder.

Regarding her husband’s recovery, Pelosi stated on Sunday, “It will take some time.” But the flood of well wishes and prayers, as well as statements like “I wasn’t going to vote, but now I’m going to vote, since this has gone too far,” have been incredibly consoling for us.

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