Jay Leno recovering from burn injuries

According to a statement from the hospital where he is receiving care, Jay Leno is recovering from burn wounds sustained in a gasoline fire.

Leno was being treated for “burns that he got to his face and hands from a gasoline accident in his garage over the weekend,” according to Aimee Bennett, a spokeswoman for the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, who told CNN that Leno was in a stable condition.

Jay Leno recovering from burn injuries © getty image

The statement read, “He is in good spirits and is moved by all the enquiries about his health and well wishes. He wishes to inform everyone that he is doing well and that he is receiving treatment at “the greatest burn facility in the United States.”

Leno’s representatives have been contacted by CNN for comment.

Auto enthusiast Leno was supposedly working on one of his vehicles in his garage when it caught fire.

“because of gasoline fire i got serious burns injuries. I am ok. The former “The Tonight Show” host told Variety that he only needs a week or two to get back on his feet.
People reported that Leno, 72, cancelled his Sunday participation at The Financial Brand Forum convention in Las Vegas, citing the conference’s organisers.

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According to an email sent to conference delegates and received by the outlet, “His family was not able to supply us with many many information, but there was a very major medical situation that is keeping Jay from going.” “All we know is he is alive, so tonight our prayers are with him and his family,” someone said.

Leno was described by the conference as a special opening night act for guests who paid for a gold pass to the occasion.

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