Cristiano Ronaldo Recalls the Heartbreaking Moment He Told His Children That Their Baby Brother Died

Cristiano Ronaldo is talking openly about the suffering he, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, and their family went through after one of their newborn twins passed away.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, the 37-year-old soccer player opens up about the time he broke the news to his older children that while their daughter Bella was born healthy, her twin brother Angel had passed away.

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Additionally, Ronaldo and Rodriguez are parents to 5-year-old Alana Martina. Son Cristiano Jr., 12, and daughter Eva and son Mateo, twins who are 5 years old, are also his children.

As soon as Gio got home, the kids started asking, “Where’s the other baby?” In the interview that will appear on TalkTV on Wednesday and Thursday, Ronaldo explains.

“After one week I say, ‘Let’s be straightforward, and let’s be honest with the kids, let’s say that ngel, which is his name, he go to the Heaven,'” the Manchester United striker continues, according to a preview glimpse offered to The Sun.

Angel, according to Ronaldo, is a topic of conversation every day in his home. I am not going to lie to my kids, I say the truth, which was a painful process, but the kids understand, we had yells around the table, and they say, “Daddy, I did this for Angel,” and they point to the sky.

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Piers, this was definitely the worst experience I’ve had since my father died. It’s tough… We experienced some very trying times because we don’t know why it happened to us.

He claims it was difficult to have one twin survive and one pass away. He laments, “I never felt to be happy and sad in the same moment. I have never felt. It is difficult to describe.

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The couple announced the tragic news that one of their newborn twins, a baby boy, had passed away on April 18.

“We must inform you with the utmost sadness that our baby child has passed away. The most agonising pain a parent can experience is this “In a post on Instagram, Ronaldo.

Only the arrival of our daughter has given us the willpower to approach this time with a measures of optimism and joy.

He followed by expressing gratitude to their medical professionals for “all their great care and support.”

“We respectfully want privacy during this extremely trying time as we are all crushed by this loss. You are our angel, our little boy. We love you forever, “He closed the letter by signing it with Rodriguez.

In his conversation with Morgan, Ronaldo also discusses the ongoing dispute he has with his club, Manchester United.

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